Welcome to the digital welcome platform
and integration of your employees

"Welcome to Nantes & Saint-Nazaire" is the platform that welcomes your newly recruited employees
or those who are geographically mobile, in order to enhance the attractiveness of your company and the region.

Give them the benefit of a personalised territorial onboarding: the Accueillants, who constitute a network of qualified inhabitants eager to share their passion for this territory, will accompany them in all the stages of their mobility.


Convince your current employees to follow your company's move or attract new employees from other territories, by allowing them to discover their future living environment.

Examples of services offered :


  • Presentation of the territory

  • Pre-installation maintenance

  • Search for temporary accommodation


Facilitating the installation of your new employees and their families, by offering them support in all their procedures.

Examples of services offered:

  • Help in finding permanent accommodation
  • Assistance in finding childcare or schooling for children
  • Help with administrative procedures

Build loyalty

To ensure that your recruitment is sustainable, make it easy for your employee to integrate into their new home.

Examples of services offered:

  • Job search assistance for the spouse
  • Integration and social life

Examples of offers

Here are some examples of support offers you can make to your employees, the financing of which may be covered in full or only in part by your company, the rest being borne by the employee.

Offer Candidate

  • Platform Access Welcome
  • Assistance in finding rental accommodation*.
According to Action Logement Services conditions

Possible coverage via Action Logement (services)

Arrival Offer

  • Platform Access Welcome
  • Presentation and discovery of the city
  • Assistance in finding rental accommodation*.

From 150€ excl. tax per employee

Children's offer

  • Platform Access Welcome
  • Presentation and discovery of the city
  • Assistance in finding rental accommodation*.
  • Support for extended school enrolment

From 350€ excl. tax per employee

International Offer

  • Platform Access Welcome
  • Assistance in finding rental accommodation*.
  • Setting up a rental guarantee
  • CPAM and GP registration
  • Opening a French bank account

From 1360€ excl. tax per employee

With an additional estimate, you can also provide your employees with services such as:
carrying out an inventory of fixtures and fittings in the new accommodation, managing children's school enrolments,
administrative procedures (within the limits of what can be delegated), organising language courses for the employee and/or his/her spouse, etc.

Recruit your new employees and entrust them to us: we will make them comfortable.
A happy employee is an employee who stays!

Who is this service for?

It is initially intended for Nantes companies that have subscribed to the "Un job à Nantes" initiative,
, as well as for companies recently set up in the area by the agency.

Are you a partner company?

Is your company moving to our territory or is it a subscriber to the "Un job à Nantes" initiative?

Are you a non-partner company?

Your company has not yet subscribed to the "Un job à Nantes" collective initiative? Would you like to know more about the "Un job à Nantes" initiative?

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