Take part in the welcome and installation of new
arrivals in Nantes or Saint-Nazaire!

Would you like to share your enthusiasm for the Nantes and Saint-Nazaire area?
Do you have a sense of welcome and know the tips for successful mobility?
Professionals or micro-entrepreneurs, put your expertise at the service of newcomers,
and support them in their mobility!


Share your knowledge of the area and make newcomers want to join in!

Examples of services you can offer:


  • Presentation of the territory


  • Pre-installation maintenance


  • Search for temporary accommodation


We listen to the needs of newcomers and their families and support them in their installation process, thanks to our high-performance tools and training centre.

Examples of services you can offer:


  • Search for permanent accommodation


  • Finding childcare or schooling for children


  • Help with administrative procedures


Introduce newcomers to the opportunities and richness of local life, so that they feel at home very quickly!

Examples of services you can offer:


  • Job search for the spouse


  • Integration and social life

Need more information before taking the plunge?